When your website needs a refresh…

First impressions count. The first time people interact with your organisation will probably be when they visit your website. A well-designed, modern website can have a fantastic impact on supporters and clients. But what if it isn’t making an impact? It could be time for a refresh and that’s where we come from.

There are many reasons why your website might need refreshing. You may not be getting the results you want online. With mobile browsing increasing, modern websites must be fully responsive. Changing design trends can also make an existing design look outdated. And your organisation might have changed since the original website’s launch, so it may not be a true reflection of what you do and why.

Whatever the reason, we can redesign your website so it does everything you want and more.

The Client

VAST is a charity providing services and support to Voluntary and Community Groups, Charities and Social Enterprises in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. VAST aims to develop, advance and promote the professional development of Staffordshire’s Voluntary and Community Sector.

The Brief

The VAST website needed a design overhaul. The organisation was also going through significant changes. The services offered were evolving too. A clean, responsive design was required. Simple, effective navigation was also needed to ensure all project and service information could be found easily.

The Solution

We created a new look website in a development environment, leaving the old site in place throughout the process. A more modern responsive design was used and a restructure was designed to make navigation as simple as possible. Once everybody was happy with the new look website, we replaced the old site, keeping downtime to a minimum.